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"I thought that Fiona was great and she did really well teaching the yin class to us. She checked in on me a few times which was lovely. Would for sure attend her class again!"

"Fiona was very good, took us through a very good practice which was similar to other Yin classes I’ve attended. She explained poses and kept us updated on timing lengths and also gave plenty of options for injuries.

There was only one point where someone pointed out she had forgotten to do the other side but she dealt well with situation and we went into it no problems. It seemed more like nerves than anything else. I also loved the chimes at the end. I really enjoyed it and felt relaxed after the class. I look forward to having other classes with her :)"

"I enjoyed and felt the benefit of Fiona's Yin class. She guided us into and out of the poses well. I felt the selection of poses worked. The atmosphere was relaxed, calming and what you would wish from a Yin class."

"It was a great class though, relaxing as yin should be & I particularly liked her choice of music. "

"I thoroughly enjoyed Fiona's Yin Yoga class, she was very observant and helpful with props and explained the routine and alterations that could be made very well. The whole lesson had a very spiritual feel to it and I came away feeling refreshed, relaxed, centred and grounded, would definitely attended her classes."

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MINDFUL FLOW yoga class On a Wednesday at 1.45 pm

Held at The Kelsey hall, Chalk road RH14 0UD.

AND MINDFUL FLOW yoga class on a Wednesday at 7.30 pm.

Held at The Winterton hall, Plaistow RH14 0PX

YIN yoga classes are held every other Monday at 8pm

at RH14 0PE or at The Kelsey Hall Ifold

Yin yoga classes help you in todays life by releasing stress from the body by using bolsters and blocks for support and holding poses on the floor for a time. It is slow and grounding leaving you calm and enabling you to have a wonderful nights sleep.

If you are interested in my classes please contact me to avoid disappointment of the class being full.

Private TEEN YOGA CLASS or Family yoga or Individual are available by appointment

[email protected] or 01403 581147

My Hatha Vinyasa Classes are slow and grounding.

The class flows from pose to pose so that you can focus your mind on your breathe and strengthen and stretch your body.his class is set for all levels as I give alternatives if you wish to take it easier or harder.

My yin classes are designed for any level and you do not have to have any experience of yoga. This class works deep into your ligaments allowing the body to strengthen your joints and move more freely in your day to day life. It is all about letting go of that tension. After the class you float home and sleep well.